Initiative: Reducing Food Loss and Waste

Reducing food loss and waste is critical in achieving food security and sustainable development. But our lack of knowledge of the magnitude of food loss and waste is a major barrier to addressing the problem. Estimates of global figures vary from 27% (1 billion tonnes) to 32% (1.3 billion tonnes) of all food produced in the world.

Torero’s role in leading the G20’s efforts to measure and identify where in the food system food loss and waste occur is well reflected in T20 Food Security and Sustainable Development Task Force site. T20 is the research and policy network of G20.

He has co-authored a chapter on the topic in Global Food Policy Report 2016:
Toward a sustainable food system: Reducing food loss and waste.

He has taught courses on Food Losses along Value Chains through the consortium AGRODEP.

Torero explains measuring food losses across value chain by identifying different techniques.
(Video: Courtesy of University of New England)

(Feature Photo: Courtesy of Giulio Napolitano/FAO)