Policy Brief: Sustainable Prevention of Food Crises in Sub-Saharan Africa

Food crises and distress migration will continue to plague the African continent in the decades ahead, unless massive investments are made to make the region’s agriculture and food systems more resilient.

Kid Power: Spurring Positive Change Through Children

While the interest in using Information and Communication Technologies to provide farmers with agricultural advice has been growing, the low level of computer literacy among the farmers in developing countries has been a major barrier.

Video: Connecting Children to Technology Promotes Behavior Change at Home

In the Llacanora District of Cajamarca, Peru, a research team installed 20 networked computers with internet access in the local school serving 150 students at the secondary level – to promote behavior change at home by connecting children with technology and information.

Policy Brief: Information and Communication Technologies for the Poor

Access to information through ICTs is a question not only of connectivity but also of capability to use the new tools and relevant content provided in accessible and useful forms. Connectivity has been a priority and a prerequisite. Given the speed at which technologies are evolving and can move, costs could fall significantly, facilitating adoption.